Of course, you can donate to any of these projects with your hard-earned cash. You choose where you want your money to go, and how much you’d like to donate, but know that whatever you can spare goes directly to these people, people we have met, that are actively supporting biodiversity surviving and thriving.
You can share these projects across all social media platforms to encourage other people to learn about them and also support their work. The more people that know, the more likely these people are to keep doing this successful conservation work.
You can sign specific petitions backed by these entities that will incite real policy change that will support their work. 
You can collaborate with these projects to bring good news and valuable lessons to your school, workplace or community. 
You can change some little habits in your daily life to ensure you are having the least negative impact on the environment in the area where these entities work. Avoiding single-use plastic and ocean-harming cosmetics in the UK, Europe or North America really does directly affect the habitats of endangered species in Costa Rica, you’d be surprised.
You can actually volunteer for these entities, in Costa Rica, or from home. Many of these projects require new volunteers multiple times a year to help them actively conserve wildlife, write reports, manage their social media, upkeep their website, seek funding, and educate the local community.
Tell us about a project that you think people should know about and support.