Native to Earth began as a single documentary idea with empowerment at its core!

Like many of us, our founder used to love nature documentaries growing up and learning about nature, but felt every mention of Climate Change and the Biodiversity Crisis left her disheartened, heavy, and feeling like there was no way to help. Little did she know that this heaviness had a name - Apocalypse Fatigue - and that MILLIONS of people were feeling the same.

Our founder spent a year volunteering for a marine conservation organisation in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and saw the effects of climate change, urban sprawl and economic struggle in the most biologically intense place on Earth. She witnessed plastic pollution unsettling life in waterways, domestic animals digging up turtle nests, and poachers hunting endangered mammals to sell their meat and feed their families. Despite the many challenges, Jordanne was inspired by the passionate efforts of individuals, organisations and entire communities trying to make things better. 

Not all these people had money, most just had some time and a strong desire to help.

This is how we started our journey. Everyone in our team felt like this, felt that they knew what was going wrong in the world, but not who was trying or even doing a good job at trying to fix it. We wanted to show that all hope is not lost, that you can do something to protect species, to conserve nature, and to help our planet go from tipping point towards recovery. We wanted to bridge the gap between the people doing that work and succeeding at it, and those sitting on the sofa and wanting to help, whether or not they have spare money to donate.

Native to Earth began so that documentaries are no longer just about nature around us, but the incredible nature within us that has the power to care, to protect, and restore.