The Wildbelt Series is our contribution to the 30by30 and Wildbelt initiatives.

Spearheaded by the UK’s Wildlife Trusts and the Defra department of the UK government, both of these initiatives have been supported by the UN and Greenpeace.

This series takes our audience on a tour of some of the UK’s most vulnerable and overlooked habitats outside of the special sites for conservation already protected. It is hoped that these important habitats, and many like them, will become part of a necessary belt of wild land across the UK, managed and protected for the restoration of the wild here.

We produced this series to help push for a wildbelt designation in the UK and to empower people to contribute to projects that support wildlife conservation efforts and the 30by30 initiative.

Each episode introduces people to a different type of vulnerable habitat, unique to the UK, and recognised by a variety of groups and organisations that need more support. These episodes act as signposts towards actions that anyone can take to support important initiatives for the sake of the future of the wild here in the UK.

Check out the series episode guile below: