Here at Native to Earth, we are committed to being sustainable, as a company, and as individuals. We exist to protect and restore, not to leave a trail! Sustainability is more of an art to us than a science because of the unique choices we must all make in different places and for different parts of our lives. We also believe that there is no such thing as being ‘more sustainable’; we are either truly sustainable, or we are not.

Sustainable Documentary Production

We produce wildlife conservation documentaries that engage audiences with the challenges of the biodiversity crisis, how and by whom these are being addressed, and we empower audiences to contribute to specific solutions unique to the issues in each programme.

We raise money to support specific wildlife conservation projects that we collaborate with, and we follow their progress.

We donate footage that we capture of wildlife conservation project teams for them to enhance their social media presence, attract more funding, and grow their conservation projects.

We contract creative professionals for the production of our documentaries within the country in question, reducing the number of people we fly across the world, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting the eco-industries and the local economy.

We request legal and courtesy permissions to film in all natural areas and indignous communities, taking care not to negatively impact anyone or anything. To paraphrase the Borucan philosophy, we can admire the fruit without trampling the tree’s roots.

We complete most of our work remotely and do not travel unnecessarily for in-person meetings.

We travel responsibly, packing lightly with the lightest equipment we can use, packing cosmetics that are completely natural and leaving anything harmful to the environment at home, including single-use plastics.

We do not accept donations or sponsorship of any kind from companies or foundations that do not prioritize their environmental impact and corporate social responsibility. We only accept financial support from entities whose ethics align with ours - to be as sustainable as possible.

We actively support businesses, organisations, charities, and individuals that promote climate action, wildlife conservation and lifestyle change to reduce our environmental impact. 

We avoid printing promotional materials at all costs, but if we do need business cards or leaflets, we print them using vegan inks on plantable paper. Every one of our business cards equalsequal wildflowers for the bees!