Native to Earth: Who are we?

Native to Earth is a collection of creatives passionate about conserving the natural world.

We exist to unite audiences’ understanding of the Earth’s offerings, the truth about their misuse and vulnerability, and to empower everyone to make positive change. We aim to document the natural world whilst carrying a responsibility to communicate the truth about both the challenges and how to overcome them. 

What is our vision?

Our vision is for people across the globe to reconnect with nature and to unite as Natives of the Earth. We aim to achieve this through exposure to alternative perspectives of what it means to live sustainably, cherish nature’s offerings, and value the work it takes to protect and live in harmony with the natural world, enriching people’s lives in the process.

What is our mission?

Our mission is:

  • To produce documentaries and interactive media that engage audiences with the challenges of the Biodiversity Crisis, from ecological breakdown to socioeconomic struggle. 
  • To inform audiences of how and by whom the challenges of the Biodiversity Crisis are being addressed.
  • To empower audiences to contribute to solutions that make real change. 

Our objectives

  • To produce ethnographic wildlife conservation documentaries that engage audiences with the challenges of the biodiversity crisis, how and by whom these are being addressed, and to empower audiences to contribute to specific solutions unique to the issues in each programme.
  • To educate audiences on the challenges of the biodiversity crisis, from ecological breakdown to socioeconomic struggles, all connected to the world’s Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs). 
  • To unite engaged and passionate creatives to collaborate for the greater protection of the world’s KBAs.
  • To motivate audiences to interact online with individuals and organisations working towards conserving the world’s KBAs.
  • To encourage audiences to support the work and advocate for the protection of the rights of the indigenous communities currently acting as stewards for 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. 
  • To provide audiences with access to well-researched, culturally-sensitive, informative material about global challenges associated with the Biodiversity Crisis.
  • To empower individuals and organisations to take clear actions that contribute towards active solutions to the global challenges of the Biodiversity Crisis.
  •  To make all our resources, media and documentaries accessible and appropriate for children, including them in the education of the importance of individual choice, empowering them to engage in activities that contribute to the protection of the world’s KBAs and the rights and freedoms of indigenous communities.