The Wildbelt Series Fundraiser

Britain's habitats are in crisis!

We've lost up to 97% of some of our most precious natural habitats, and nearly half of the nation's biodiversity has disappeared since the 1970s.

But there is hope! The government and the UK's Wildlife Trusts are spearheading a plan to restore 30% of the UK's land and sea for nature by 2030. This ambitious target is called 30by30, and it's more than possible if we all work together.

One of the key goals of the 30by30 initiative is to create a Wildbelt across the nation. This would be a network of connected patches of land designated specifically for wild land, managed and protected to provide homes for wildlife that need certain habitats here in the UK.

The Wildbelt Series is our contribution to the 30by30 and Wildbelt initiatives. We're taking a tour of some of the UK's most precious and vulnerable habitats, showing you that there is something you can do to help, no matter where you live or whether or not you have any money to donate.

Your donation will help us to:

  • Produce more documentaries and interactive media that engage audiences in wildlife conservation.
  • Empower people to get involved in the many projects and schemes that focus on habitat restoration, conservation, and expansion.
  • Support the work of the people who are restoring, conserving, and expanding our habitats here in the UK.
  • Get more people volunteering in local conservation efforts.

We have so far filmed our first series of 8 short episodes, each focusing on a different habitat type. We have started to release these episodes on Youtube and production has commenced for our second series which we plan to have ready to release by the autumn this year. Series 2 will be bigger and better than the first, including special guests and conservation success stories in the least likely of locations.

The Wildbelt Series has been produced completely in-kind by our team as an unsponsored series - we’re making this series to help however we can. We are also not making any money from this production. As much as our production team is donating their time and equipment, we’ve also spent funds on travel, accommodation, and entrance to various reserves. We’ve managed to cover our costs so far, but we are fundraising to cover the costs of future logistics and access, all to continue and expand the reach of our project in the near future. 

Any donation you can spare will be greatly appreciated!

Take Action!

We’re all natives to this planet, but some people have been in some places for much longer than we have, with their ancestors passing down wisdom about the environment around them and how to nurture it to live well and allow it to continue to thrive.

Here you can connect with indigenous people and locals working to conserve the world’s most wild places and you can do something small or something BIG to help them keep going.

Whether you’ve got some money you can spare, some time to read about an issue and inform others, or energy to get involved in a campaign, volunteer for a project

Here at Native to Earth, everything we do is to connect you with the people and projects working to conserve the world’s Key Biodiversity Areas.

This is the hub for finding successful conservation projects, so go and explore and pick a way to take action today!