Native to Brunca is an ethnographic Wildlife Conservation Documentary Series project, inspiring and empowering audiences with the resilience and hope of the true guardians of the most biodiverse place on Earth.

Across 4 episodes, the Native to Earth crew discover how the challenges of the Biodiversity Crisis are felt across the region once known as ‘Brunca’, focusing specifically on the world’s most biodiverse region - Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Native to Brunca introduces viewers to endangered species being conserved successfully, the gap between policy and practice, how the locals are succeeding in conserving the area and its inhabitants, and the role that the Boruca Indigenous Community is playing in the conservation of the various Key Biodiversity Areas that make up modern-day Costa Rica.

Native to Brunca aims to go a step further than wildlife documentaries usually do, documenting successful wildlife conservation and communicating the lessons of the Earth’s true guardians, making a difference right now!

Native to Brunca: First Glimpse Agua - Water

Check out this short film we made following our reconnaissance trip to Boruca in Costa Rica towards the end of the wet season in 2022. Here you’ll meet Adriana Lázaro Morales from the Boruca Indigenous Community. Adriana volunteers with multiple projects representing various aspects of Boruca cultural heritage and is a beloved pillar in her community.

She is also passionate about nature and the beauty of the place she calls home. Here she talks about what water means to her, the Boruca community, and all of us.

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