Rising sea temperatures, ghost nets, poaching, pollution, land grabbing, overfishing, deforestation, new roads, harmful plantation expansion, increasing traffic emissions … the list goes on.

The number of challenges faced by the biodiversity hosted by Costa Rica is overwhelming. 

Understanding the challenges is essential. Realising the severity of these issues is just as important. 

But, listing problems and sharing images of the destruction we as individuals may or may not have caused turns people away. It turns the people away that could actually help to improve things.

If we are to have a chance at making things better and supporting the biodiversity we have left, the most important thing for people to know is how to contribute to real solutions.

We believe that we can give people all over the world ways to help. We want to empower people. Our films are one way we believe we can do this. Native to Brunca is our place to start. Costa Rica has the largest percentage of protected areas on the planet and is host to the world’s most biodiverse place. It is also home to a population of indigenous communities that is supported and that actively supports wildlife conservation.

We want our audiences to be able to observe a realistic view of the challenges faced by species across the zone’s interconnected ecosystems, the habitats struggling, and the people sacrificing their time to try and lessen the impact of environmental issues not caused by them. However, this documentary series goes one step further; Native to Brunca connects our viewers with the individuals, projects and organisations evidently changing the direction of the Biodiversity Crisis that we are living through. Viewers are taken from the heart of the rainforest and carried by drone above Costa Rica, zooming into a series of Key Biodiversity Areas stewarded by passionate conservationists and members of the local community. This documentary will transport you to the troubled tropics, but it will also bring the success stories and the valuable lessons from real-life successful conservationists back home so that you can get involved.



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