We are officially in pre-production!

The concept of Native to Brunca grew from research carried out by our producer whilst volunteering with Osa Ecology in 2017. Read more of our story here: https://nativeto.earth/index.php/en/about/our-story 

Following the pandemic, the Native to Earth team was formed and we registered the company in March 2022.

Since then we have:

    • Communicated our objectives with Costa Rica’s Film Commission who have written us an official endorsement letter.
    • Established relationships with an astonishing number of projects, individuals and organisations in Costa Rica.
    • Built a close relationship with various representative members of the Boruca Indigenous Community.
    • Funded and organised a two-month reconnaissance trip to Costa Rica in September 2022 for our core production team during which we met with project coordinators, researched ongoing environmental challenges and conservation schemes, and tested our equipment in a range of locations and conditions.
    • Stayed with a Boruca family and learnt much more about the cultural and environmental challenges they have been facing even since this docuseries was conceptualised in 2017

The production would not be where it is now without the skilled creatives on the team working in-kind during the whole of 2022.

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